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by Sharlene Leker


Like a train racing down the track

Starting off slow, gaining speed,

Never looking back.


Because returning to back

Is not part of the plan;

Look ahead, keep moving forward,

Trust in His plan.


This train that I speak of is not really a train,

But time, precious time.

Starting off slow, gaining speed, it seems

Good times, hard times, dreams.


When life feels as though it’s racing past

I must always remember to say,

“Thank you Lord for your many blessings,

Yesterday, tomorrow, and today.”


From the start of life’s journey to the very end,

The end is not really the end.

So, you could say, the end is just the start

Yes, impossible to comprehend.


Although we miss those who have before us gone

We have a hope made possible through the Son,

That when OUR journeys end is just the start,

We’ll meet again at that eternal reunion!

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