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What is a hymn?


If you grew up in church, you’re probably familiar with these things called “hymns”. Even if you didn’t, you might be more familiar with hymns than you think you are. The definition of a hymn can be fairly vague and for many it is interpreted as, “the boring old songs my grandparents used to sing”

In reality, hymns are God-centered and call our attention upward, not inward. They are a form of praise and worship to our Heavenly Father.

Behind every song is a songwriter. But how much, if anything, do we really know about these talented artists? What inspires them to craft heartfelt words into songs? Songs that often reach deep into our soul and touch our emotions?

Poets craft words to inspire us; songs are merely words spoken from the heart. How wonderful, when these two worlds meet to create hymns that reach deep into the soul oftentimes changing lives.

In the "Hymnspiration" tab above, you will find the story behind some of the beloved songs of faith; some born out of beauty, and some born of tragedy. Either way, hymns help us to focus on the goodness of God.



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