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The Crooked Road

by Sharlene Leker

Crooked road .jpg

For miles and miles,

I traveled the crooked road,

Turning this way, and that,

Not knowing where to go.

Tired, weary,

Blinded by the dark,

I carried an unbearable load.

My burden heavy,

My feet unsteady,

I stumbled 'neath that load.

I realized my need

And fell to my knees;

This journey,

I cannot make on my own.

From where comes my rescue?

Who will hear when I call?

Defeated, and afraid,

My tears began to fall.

I cried out in the dark,

"God, if you're really there,

Please hear my desperate call.

I need someone to care!"

A light suddenly shone

Through my surrounding despair,

And I knew without a doubt,

Someone had answered my prayer.

I stood up, straight;

As tall as a tree,

My burden was lifted,

My soul set free.

The road I now travel

Is crooked no more,

The darkness has lifted,

This I know for sure.

To whom shall I thank

For this new song I sing?

A spring in my step

And a newfound blessing?

There's only One who can deliver

From burdens and fear,

His name is Jesus

And he's always near.

Inspired by Isaiah 45:2

I will go before you and make the crooked places straight 

(New King James Version)


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