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My Favorites

Nail It To The Cross

The first verse of this song says it all:

Is there something in your heart? Between you and the Lord
Are you drifting apart? Not as close anymore
There's nothing you can do, That He will not forgive
Bring it to the cross; Let it die so you can live.

One Pair Of Hands

It is believed that the song, "One Pair of Hands" was written by Barbarita (Billie) Campbell and Mann Curtis. Here, it is recorded by Carroll Roberson. Roberson's version has often been erroneously attributed to Elvis Presley. Presley NEVER recorded One Pair of Hands.

Just As I Am  (I Come Broken)

The hymn Just As I Am was written in 1835 by Charlotte Elliott, but probably became most familiar as the altar call song during Billy Graham crusades. Partnered with this very familiar hymn is a new melody and lyric written by Travis Cottrell which complements the old as a prayer of commitment and recognition of God’s mercy and grace that no matter what state we are in, we can come to Jesus - Just As I  Am.

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